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Jesus Burgers Volume 3 has officially arrived! Grab your copy here or on Amazon. Hear from some of the authors who share their first hand stories in Volume 3:

“Every Friday night, we choose to lay our life down in order to see Isla Vista come to know God in an intimate way. We position ourselves to “be Jesus” to this city, to represent Him well.” – Benjamin Moore

“This is a place where darkness continues to fight for dominion. There is such a lack of authenticity and the truth. Isla Vista is in need of people who will lay down their lives for the sake of the Gospel and show real love to those who are searching.” – Morgan Ingle

“What, to many, is a scary situation that could turn into a crisis was, to these believers, an opportunity to love. It was a chance to comfort, heal, deliver, and lead someone into wholeness.” – Derrick Marzano

“During my time living at Jesus Burgers, not only did I see complete healing and freedom in my own life, but also freedom in the lives of countless others who visited the home. To me, the Jesus Burgers home represents a lighthouse.” – Brooke Petersen