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In this excerpt from Jesus Burgers Volume 3, former intern Isabella shares how her relationship with God was forever changed by loving community.
“I struggled a lot with loving myself, forgiveness, and receiving all that God had for me… I needed and craved an immersion into such a thriving community of believers. There was a voice crying out in me for true relationship, for family, for something bigger than I’ve ever known… I had been feeling like my relationship with God was mute, colorless, dull, and lukewarm – everything a relationship shouldn’t be. This was different. This was faith. This was power in God. The community, the testimonies, the sermons, the people were overwhelmingly colorful, loving, and strong… The presence of God was incredible and tangible. You could see Jesus on the faces of everyone there. I felt so loved by everyone I came into contact with… It has been two years and three months since then. The woman I am now is so different from the girl that drove across the country to live with people she had never met before. I’ve gotten to know my Father, I’ve found my identity as a daughter, I’ve experienced a faith that pushes my limits of adventure and exploration into my future and purpose, and I’ve discovered that the love of God surpasses everything I know about anything. My time here has been monumental to say the least, and I’m looking forward to all God has for me and for the other people affected by this amazing community.” – Isabella Griffith, Jesus Burgers Volume 3.